TESTING: Dynamic (in-situ) testing of primary helideck perimeter safety nets should not be undertaken offshore. Duty holders should install sacrificial panels that can be tested offshore or strips of selected netting material that can be easily removed for onshore testing. As with our inspection regime, APSN carry out both physical (drop testing) or computerised (stretch testing) depending on net type ANNUALLY to ensure regulatory compliance & build a historical profile of safety net performance toward `end of life` and unfit for purpose. We record tests using video and still photography we communicate to our clients electronically along with test results, reports and appropriate certification.

SECURITY: Compliant safety nets panels and tested salvage strips of tape and rope nets are tagged with numbered, tamper proof security tags. Thereafter, all confidential documentation is held in our secure database for traceability and confirmation.

We would like to thank Allied for their professional attitude and attention to detail throughout the duration of this installation. We look forward to working with them again.
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