INSTALLATION: If at the end of the useable life of your existing helideck perimeter safety nets you wish to install something different, APSN can advise you the on the most suitable type of nets to fit the existing frame supports on your vessel, rig or platform. We will provide detailed costing on lead times for manufacture, delivery, removal of your old perimeter nets and the installation of your new ones.

APSN installation technicians are highly qualified in the survey, installation, inspection & testing and attachment methods used to fit all types of safety nets. Qualifications include IRATA rope access, Working @ Height, Rigging & Lifting. They will ensure that any safety concerns are communicated and addressed before commencing installation, ensuring that your new perimeter safety nets are fitted in a safe and timely manner with no disturbance to ongoing helicopter operations.



Allied Perimeter Safety Netting provide a complete inspection package for all of your safety netting requirements. Our skilled inspectors will produce a detailed inspection report…


Admiralty perimeter safety nets are one of the premier safety nettings available. Allied Perimeter Safety Netting are the approved UK service agents for the control, installation, maintenance and…


Helideck perimeter safety netting requires to be tested annually to conform to cap437 and UKOOA requirements.  Sacrificial panels from you helideck safety nets can be sent to our testing facility…