CERTIFICATION: Allied Perimeter Safety Netting are proud to be the only global provider of helideck perimeter safety net Inspection, Testing and associated services who`s certification has the recognition and approval of the Helideck Certification Agency (HCA). All certification is accompanied by a comprehensive survey/inspection report containing pictorial and or video evidence of safety net performance and any conclusions arising from the inspections or tests we undertake.

The safety of your personnel is our prime concern.

Allied executed the inspection and installation of our project with ease.
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Allied Perimeter Safety Netting provide a complete inspection package for all of your safety netting requirements. Our skilled inspectors will produce a detailed inspection report…


Allied Perimeter Safety Netting provide a complete safety netting installation service. Based on the inspection report we will make the nets to suit and provide the skilled technicians…


Helideck perimeter safety netting requires to be tested annually to conform to cap437 and UKOOA requirements.  Sacrificial panels from you helideck safety nets can be sent to our testing facility…